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Company Overview

Transamerica was founded in 1906 before becoming a branch of the Bank of America. In the 1950’s, Congress passed a law prohibiting banks from owning non-banking entities and Transamerica was officially made an independent company once again. In 1999 Transamerica began a new chapter in its history when it became part of AEGON, one of the world's leading financial services organizations.

With nearly 300,000 policies in force, the Long Term Care Division is a leader in the industry, paying over $1.7 million each day in claims, while receiving a Comdex Score of 93 (out of 100), an indication of excellence.

  • Claims Paying Strength - Superior (A.M. Best)
  • Year of Market Entry - 1990
  • LTC Policyholders - 300,000
  • LTC Claims Paid - $2.5+ billion Cumulative

In the sidebar to the right is a free download. It's a Checklist excerpted from a larger work called "The Caregiver's Guide to Financial Planning in the Shadow of Dementia," written in collaboration between Transamerica and researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) AgeLab. The Caregiver's Guide provides detail about creating a comprehensive financial plan for a loved one living with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. In addition, you can learn 10 symptoms of caregiver stress and advice to help you manage your own well-being. To receive the complete 39-page Caregiver's Guide, please contact LTCA.