Ray’s passion for long term care ignited during the three year period he spent caring for both of his parents. Spending several days each week either directly providing or overseeing their care, Ray experienced firsthand the debilitating ways in which stress is visited upon families.

Having spent several years in the health insurance field, Mr. Mitchell was well-prepared to make the transition into long term care, apprenticing at one of the nation’s leading LTC carriers. Ever ambitious, Ray is also an entrepreneur who’s founded and run a successful consultancy for over two decades.

Among the life lessons he has adopted in his practice, Ray believes in providing value to his clients as a “river”—not static and rehearsed, but fluid and responsive. His own experiences have led Ray to help others, building a career out of finding solutions to complex client challenges, while deepening professional relationships to achieve a successful outcome.

When he’s not assisting other families, Ray enjoys spending time with his own, including his wife of over 30 years, Terri, and their four adult daughters.

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